Jul 18, 2011

DIY Flag Shirts

Aren't these shirts so cute?

I am not a seamstress.  Like, at all.
I like to pretend I can sew, but really I suck at it.  So when I find easy sewing projects like this, it makes me happy because I feel like I CAN sew!  Yahoo!

I decided to sew a few buttons on, just cuz I thought they would be cute :)

{On the 4th @ the local parade}

I know the 4th of July has already come and gone, but if you live in Utah, the 24th of July celebrations are next week - you have time to make them!  Or you can bookmark Jen's tutorial for next year.

I got the tank tops at Walmart for $2.50/each.  I also got the fabric at Walmart in the cheap fabric bins.  The buttons I had on hand.  So these shirts probably cost me right around $3.00 to make.  Not too shabby.

{I take what I can get as far as pics go with my 2-yr-old - she's always on the move!}

Head on over to TT&J to see how you can make your own!

4 Nuggets of Love:

Rach said...

Love it I'm so doing it. Thank you for sharing.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Super cute shirts.

The Crafty Gals said...

So so cute! I love the buttons you added, they look great! Can't wait to see you guys next week!

The Yoder's Four said...

Super cute!! And of course they have the matching bows you must have made. Your girls look adorable!!

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