Dec 1, 2010

Christmas Card Wall Hanger

I have been wanting a Christmas card holder forEVER!

I've seen some super cute ones, but I'm not willing to pay the prices for them.
I decided that this Christmas would be the one that I would get my Christmas card holder!!!

Since I didn't want to pay the big bucks, that meant that I needed to make one.  And this one was SO super easy!

I got a Christmas wall plaque that my mom gave me a few years ago for Christmas:

I got some twine and cut five pieces different lengths {I didn't want them all the same length}:

Then I hot-glued them onto the back of the wall plaque:

And here she is!

So easy {have I told you I LOVE easy projects?} and so cute!

I clipped the cards on with clothes pins {I had some on hand}

I don't have any Christmas cards yet, so I improvised :)

I can't wait to fill this bad-boy up!

Oh, and want to know how much this project cost me?  
I had everything on-hand, so it was FREE!

3 Nuggets of Love:

brooke & chad coon said...

Hey Michelle - I saw this posted on facebook, and I love it, AND I love your blog! I may be visiting frequently :) I love myself an easy craft (or any craft for that matter).

Rach said...

So cute I'm doing it today!!! But I think I'll do mine with scrapbook paper. Thank you for the idea!!! Again I LOVE IT!!!!

The Crafty Gals said...

So cute! Even better that it was free!! :)

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