Nov 30, 2010

Tinkerbell Birthday Party

Hey everyone!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
On to the post . . .

My daughter just turned four and she requested a Tinkerbell birthday party.  She absolutely LOVED it!!!
{For more Tinkerbell ideas, check out my other Tinkerbell party post!}

Here's what we did.

For the decorations, I stayed with the green, purple and pink theme of Tinkerbell.  I used a purple tablecloth and used some sparkly chartreuse fabric as a table runner (I bought a yard and then tied it in a loose knot in the middle):
{You can kind of see it here}

Then I made some tissue paper pom poms.  They are SO easy and SO cute!  You can find a tutorial from Martha Stewart:
 The pom poms are now hanging in my daughter's room.  So cute.

Here are the invitations I made for the party:

All I did was download a desktop background and used that as the background for the invitation.  So easy!  And I am all about easy.

For the party, I sprinkled "Pixie Dust" on the kids as they came through the door.  I used a glitter brush.

Next, I read a Tinkerbell story to the kids.  Just a short one, I needed to keep their attention!

I had the kids decorate stars that I cut out on the cricut and then they played "Pin the Star on Tinkerbell's Wand."  I drew a wand on a posterboard, blindfolded the kids and they pinned their star on Tinkerbell's wand!
I decided to make Tinkerbell cupcakes.  I was going to make some cupcake toppers, but I found some at Walmart!  WAY easier than making my own!  I made homemade strawberry frosting (so it would be pink!) and sprinkled the cupcakes with "Pixie Dust" {pink sugar sprinkles}:

The party was perfect for my four-year-old!  I have to enjoy the easy parties while I can!

For the party bags, I used my cricut to cut out green flowers.  I wrote each child's name on them and taped them to white lunch sacks.  I punched holes in the tops and tied them with purple and green ribbon.

For the party favors, I bought star wands at the dollar store.  I tied purple and green ribbons to those, too!  I also got little glitter containers at the dollar store.  I used sticker paper, wrote "Pixie Dust" on it, and stuck it to each container.  The rest of the goody bag was candy from the pinata, princess hair clips and earrings and Tinkerbell stickers (all also from the dollar store).  I forgot to take pics of the favors!

Overall, the party was a success!  There were 10 kids in all (way too many - next year, I think I will let my daughter invite three or four of her friends) and my daughter had a great time, which was what was important.

2 Nuggets of Love:

Becky Charms said...

Thanks for the ideas. My daughter is turning 3 in a couple of weeks, and I needed a little more inspiration. Love the ideas!
2012 Cheer & Triumph

mark lawrence said...

Tinkerbell Birthday Party!! It looks very beautiful and I liked the arrangements a lot. For my twins birthday I am also going to host a cute animation party and we have already booked the prettiest indoor NYC venues for that. Hope everything goes as per our plan and in our budget.

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