Sep 13, 2011

Tinkerbell Cake

We've had three {yes, three!} Tinkerbell parties at our house since last November.  I blogged about the first one last year after my oldest daughter turned four.

Then, my husband threw me a surprise Tinkerbell party for my 30th birthday in April.  I thought it was really cute that he did Tinkerbell :)

 {I'm the one in the birthday tiara ;) }

And my youngest daughter turned two in June and she, of course, loves Tinkerbell, so we had another Tinkerbell party!

 {Blowing out the candles on her cake!}

I didn't go overboard at all on this party.  In fact the only Tinkerbell part of the party was the cake.  I mean, she turned two, she was just excited that there were cake and presents there!

I found these edible Tinkerbell frosting decals at Walmart.  I am not a cake decorator.  At all.  So when I saw these, I knew I could at least do something with them!

I also bought cake decorating gel so I could add a little more to the cake.  I used the Tinkerbell colors: purple, green and pink!

For me, this is as fancy as it gets with cake decorating!!!  And it beats buying a cake that I know wouldn't taste as good as homemade.
And this cake tasted GOOD!

Hope this inspires some of you . . . I'm sure there are people out there like me who can't really decorate cakes.  We can't be perfect at everything, right?  But we can at least try!  And I'm sure my two-year-old thought this was the perfect Tinkerbell cake!!!

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6 Nuggets of Love:

The Yoder's Four said...

Now that is a brilliant idea. I am NOT a cake decorator either!! And that sure beats paying $20 for a half a sheet cake at the bakery!

Sammy said...

SOOO darling! I love it that is to die for what a fun party. Vi was watching Tinkerbell on tv last night and she LOVED it! And she doesn't ever watch tv. So glad you are taking emmy to little mermaid you and she will LOVE it! Can't wait to hear what you think

Jennifer said...

You did a great job on that cake! Who would have thought there'd be such a thing as edible decals for cake decorating?
Found you on the Eisy Morgan Linky...I'm cohosting Show & Share and would love for you to come join us!

Rach H @ FamilyEverAfter said...

nuggets of love, thats funny!

awesome party, wish my kids coulda come! haha

I would LOVE for you to link this up at my link party, Once Upon a Weekend on my blog Family Ever After. The party just started!

♥Rach H at

Cara said...

Super cute! And how sweet that the hubs did a Tinkerbell party for you! I did a Tinkerbell cake for my daughter last year very fun! Stop over for a visit sometime!

Jennifer said...

Thanks again for linking up your great posts to Show & Share!!

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