Feb 5, 2011

More features and some awards!

I feel so special!
I've been featured again!


Thank you for featuring my projects, ladies!

In other exciting news . . .

So, I am supposed to share {7} things about myself.  Here goes:

I LOVE to travel.
I have traveled all around the world.  My favorite spots are Italy (I have GOT to take my husband to Venice someday!), Germany and China.  On my list of places to go?  Spain and Australia.

I am a work-out-a-holic.
It's true.  I'm at the gym five days a week.  And I love the hard classes.  Ten years ago I would NOT have said this!  I've come a long way, folks :)

I turn 30 this year!
I've been in denial just a little bit about this fact, but I'm trying to embrace it.  I informed my husband that I probably need a big party on my birthday so that I can party it up instead of feeling depressed!

I have a secret obsession with peanut butter.
Okay, maybe it's not so secret, but it's true!  I really, really like peanut butter.  A lot.  I don't know why it is so good, but life without peanut butter would be a very sad place.  And you'll probably hear me mention this more than once on this blog :)

I love Netflix!
We got rid of our satellite last year and I haven't looked back, thanks to Netflix.  We stream it through our Wii and I don't miss Dish Network at all!

I tried out for American Idol!
It was clear back during the second season, and I didn't make it, but it was so much fun doing it.  I camped out overnight on an air mattress that had a hole in it (we had to take turns pumping it back up) and it was freezing outside.  But I have a great story to tell about it now :)

I have a Bachelor's degree in Communications.
I'm really glad I got my degree, and I've thought about going back to get a Master's, but now isn't the right time to do it.  And a Communications degree is really super helpful when you're yelling trying to communicate with your kids all day.  Ahem.

So there you have it, a little glimpse into me.

And now, I get to nominate 15 other Bloggers!
Well, I am supposed to nominate 15, but so many people that I wanted to nominate have already received one, so I'm nominating 11.
Don't hate.

I wanted to nominate new-ish blogs/bloggers and I've recently found lots of great new blogs, thanks to linky parties!
Sooooo . . . I would like to nominate:

The Crafty Gals
(Mary is my super cute sis-in-law)

J & J Home
we met through the Swap Followings linky party and I love her blog :)

Peas & Crayons
We also met through the Swap Followings party - she's got some delicious looking recipes that I really need to try out

Everyday Muses
She's got some fun projects going on!

My Life Among Three Stooges
Check out this super, duper cute banner she made - LOVE it!

My Digital Creations
She's got SO many fun projects and some freebies going on

Lovely Crafty Home
There's a great linky party over at her place that I link up with every week

Eisy Morgan
I love these yarn letters 

Bread and Butter 143
Who can resist a blog about a total home makeover?  Can't wait to see all of her before/afters.

Dukes and Duchesses
How fun would this {Spa Party} be?

Vintage Skye
I love these birdhouses that she made

Check out these great blogs!  I'm a new follower of all of them, myself, so feel free to share some bloggy love to these talented ladies!

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you are all having a GREAT weekend!
And I hope you eat some delicious food at your Super Bowl parties (I was going to post a recipe or two but I ran out of time.  I am making these chocolate croissant bites - can't wait to try them!)

11 Nuggets of Love:

Jennifer said...

Ohmygosh! so awesome that you auditioned for american idol! And I totally wish I went to the gym 5x a week! I'm working on 2. Then i'm going to keep upping it! <3 I'm still sore from the hardest spin class of my life on Wed! hehe

Thank you so so so much for the award!!!!! <3 I feel uber special now =) Thanks love!


April said...

I still think it's nuts you didn't get farther with your voice. And I too have found a love of working out. Ok I don't love it but it helps me in my mothering. And I love pb and I turn 30 too! Ha I guess it runs in the fam.

Nikki@Breadandbutter143 said...

Thanks so much! I accept! I'll have to start thinking of my 7 secrets! Love your blog! It's awesome that you tried out for idol!!

Thanks again - Nikki

The Crafty Gals said...

Congrats on all your features!! Thanks for the nomination! :) I'm not too sure mine is a stylish blog, but I proudly accept. Thank you!

jandjhome said...

Thank you so much! I'm honored that you thought of me.

Anne-Marie said...

Love your blog Michelle!
I do not craft, but I love new recipes and I am going to make those yummy tacos this week. Oh, and I'd love to make those pb cupcakes...one day. I'll just dream about them in the meantime.

The Yoder's Four said...

Can we tag along next time you go to Europe? ;) I'm glad you're being recognized for your fabulous work!

Connie said...

Thanks so much for the nomination Michelle! It's a real encouragement for new bloggers like myself!

By the way, props to you on trying out for AI. Takes guts!

Lori said...

Thanks for the nomination!! Your projects are on my "to copy" list. I LOVE them!!

CC Sampson said...

That's my pal! Awesome! Why don't you brag about these things to me?

Natalie said...

Haha!! I just came over here to let you know that I was passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to you and then I saw this post (kind along the same lines!). Do with it what you will, but keep on posting... I'm enjoying your blog!


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