Mar 26, 2011

Thrift store finds

I got some great things at the thrift store this past week!
I love finding little treasures at the thrift store.
Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Here are the goods:

Want to know how much I spent?  
A whopping $3.00!

I found the milk glass urn and have big plans for it for my spring decorating that include the styrofoam ball.

The mirror is awesome!
I will be spray painting it a fun color.  Don't know what color yet, but I know it will be super cute when I'm done.

And I bought a book because I NEED to do a project with book pages.
Don't know what project yet, but I know it will be wonderful!

I feel fulfilled.
Remember how I talked about that warm and fuzzy feeling?
Yep, still here.
There's just a sense of accomplishment in finding great things and only spending $3.00! Haha!

PS - there is an awesome giveaway over at Florabella.  Go check it out!

6 Nuggets of Love:

Natalie said...

Thanks for your blog help! :) And those are some really good finds!!! Oh how I love thrift stores! I can't wait to see what you make out of them!

Katie @ EyeSpyDIY said...

Ooooh love the mirror, can't wait to see what you do with it!

The Crafty Gals said...

Great stuff!! I love thrift store shopping, it's so much fun!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Awesome finds and great price :) I love milk glass!

LaKeta said...

You totally scored!!! I love finding milkglass at thrift stores and garage sales... Can't wait to see what you do with the mirror...thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my kindle cover:)

I am now a follower!


The Whimsical Wife said...

Thanks for dropping in on the whimsical wife! I am now a follower! :-)

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