Jun 28, 2011

Girl's Camp Fun!

Last week, I was at Girl's Camp for my church.

Don't know what I'm talking about?  You can read about it HERE.
I'm the Young Women's President in my ward (again, have no idea what I'm talking about?  You can learn more HERE or HERE) so I had the pleasure of attending Girl's Camp this year!

The theme of Girl's Camp was "Happily Ever After" based on a talk by President Uchtdorf (you can read the talk HERE - it is awesome).  It made for such a fun Girl's Camp!  It had a sort of princess/fairytale feel.

I made some tags for the girls so they knew where they were going to sleep - we had cabins that we stayed in and wanted to assign the sleeping arrangements so nobody was left out.  I made these fun tags in Photoshop, printed them on cardstock and wrote each girl's name on them:

I gave a class during "Charm School" on the part of the talk where President Uchtdorf talks about "Maps".  I made this handout in Photoshop to go with it:

I made them so I could print off two per page.

Girl's Camp was such a blast and such a testimony building experience.  The young women loved it, too.

The last day, we went repelling!  It was the first time I had ever done it and I'm so glad I did it.  I felt so brave.

Getting all hooked up and ready

Going over the edge - the cliff was about 80 feet high, by the way

I'm freaking out a little at this point . . .

Let me know if you have any questions about what we did at Girl's Camp with this theme.  I would love to share the fun things we did!

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Jun 18, 2011

Focused on the Positive

I have a wonderful friend named Maria.
Maria is one of those super sweet, super kind, super positive kind of person.  So it doesn't surprise me at all that she's started a blog called Focused on the Positive.

The blog is just that - a blog to help us all focus on the positive things in our lives.  I think we all need a great reminder {daily reminder, for me} to focus on all the good things in our lives.  It's so easy to be full of self-pity and to think about how great our lives could be, if . . . {fill in the blank}.

I totally need an attitude makeover!  It starts today and Maria's blog is totally gonna help me achieve that!  Sometimes all it takes is a little, teeny boost to remind ourselves to be grateful for what we have.

So go check out Maria's blog, Focused on the Positive, and start YOUR new attitude makeover!

PS - to help me be positive today, I went through some pictures I've taken recently of the beautiful things going on outside.  The picture at the top of this post was taken a few weeks ago when the lilacs were starting to bloom.  I love it when lilacs are in bloom.  Enjoy!

Jun 12, 2011

Adorable Burlap Menu Board

How many of you make a menu each week?

Planning a menu at the beginning of each week has saved dinner time at our house.  Not only do I feel more organized at dinner time (I'm not scrambling to find something to feed my family every night), my grocery shopping has become much more efficient.  I know what I'm buying and I'm not just buying lots of random stuff.  Plus, a lot of the time, I can get away with going to the grocery store once a week!  Which is a miracle!  
Before I had my second child, I was going to the grocery store almost every day to get a few items here and there.  I just don't have time for that anymore.

I cut out the "Menu" part with my cricut, got my frame at the thrift store (and spray-painted it) and got the burlap from my dad, who had just had some rugs delivered to him in burlap.  I got myself a dry-erase marker and was good to go.

Now at the beginning of each day, I look at my menu board to see what we are having for dinner.  I can thaw out my meat and do any prep I need in order to have dinner ready.  I don't even have to think about it.  That's what I like :)

This menu board is cute, thrifty (it cost me right around $4 or $5 with the frame and dry-erase marker) and practical.  I love it!

Jun 1, 2011

The Blog Guidebook - 30 Days of Giveaways!

Hey peeps!

Ever heard of The Blog Guidebook?  Cuz they are hosting an amazing 30 Days of Giveaways this month!!!  They even have it organized so that you can enter only ONCE for a bunch of their giveaways - that's right, you don't have to keep coming back every day and entering if you don't want to.  How generous!

So head on over and enter to win some fabulous prizes :)
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