May 23, 2011

Up for air!

So, remember how I said that I'd be posting AT LEAST one post a week?
Well, I said that before I knew my kids were going to be sick for two weeks.
Yeah, two weeks straight!  Yuck.
My one-year-old got it first and so generously passed it on to my four-year-old.
My four-year-old is STILL sick.
I'm hoping she feels good enough to go to pre-school tomorrow.  Cuz, I'm not gonna lie, momma needs a little break!

I thought I'd leave you with a few pictures of our Disneyland trip!
At least I can dream of my life before sick kids took over :)

Hope you all haven't given up on me!
And I hope I still have at least some readers left . . .

Enjoy the Disneyland pics!

 My daughter {left} and my niece {right}
Can't go without your mouse ears!  We got these last time we were there.

Mine and my sister's families {I'm in the orange shirt}

Me and my one {almost two!}-year-old
BTW - having humidity in the air was not the best for my straight hair!  I have naturally curly hair and usually do it straight.  I found out after the first 15 minutes at Disneyland that it would be a ponytail day!

California Adventure
{minus my one-year-old, who was asleep in the stroller}

Aaaah - the Happiest Place on Earth!!!

May 11, 2011

Wedding Tutu and Veil

I'm baaaaaaaack!

We had the BEST time in Disneyland!
Seriously, so much fun.  Why do I like it as much as my kids?
We already can't wait to go back!

So, I've got to get some posts going on this little blog of mine.
I decided I'm going to try and do at least one post a week.  If I want to do more, awesome.  If not, that's okay, too.  Just letting you know so you know what's going on over here at Loving Every Second!

On to our fun post today!
Last year, I decided to make my niece a wedding tutu for her birthday.  She was turning four and four-year-olds love to dress up!  Am I right?  I know I am 'cause I have a four-year-old :)

I used white tulle and tied it around an elastic band for the waist.  I'm sure you can google a tutorial if you don't already know how to make them.  
 I decided to add a little bit of glitz and tied silver ribbon on it, too.  Gives it a fun little touch, dontcha think?

What is a wedding tutu without a veil?
I had some white tulle left over and decided I could totally make a play veil.
I started with a french-clasp barrette.  That way the veil could clip right into the hair and stay in.  I tied some strips of tulle on it just like I did on the tutu.  You can tie as many as you want to make it as full as you want, just make sure you can close the clasp on the barrette.

I wanted to add a little bling, so I hot-glued some rhinestones on the barrette.  I wanted a little girly touch, too, so I also hot-glued some little white flowers I had.

I think they turned out SO CUTE!  I had my daughter try them on before we gave them to my niece and she loved them!

I also added some white gloves that I found at the dollar store for the gift - a wedding tutu, veil and gloves.  That girl is ready to get married!  Or at least pretend to get married, lots and lots of times :)

I had some white tulle on-hand, but I did end up buying a little more at the dollar store.  I had everything else on hand so this project cost me a dollar!  Yes!

May 3, 2011

Guess where we're going???

Eeeeek!  I'm SO excited!!!
We leave tomorrow!
California, here we come!

May 2, 2011

Taking a Break

In case you haven't noticed it's been almost a week-and-a-half since my last post!  Holy Moley, where has the time gone???

I guess it was just time for me to take a little blogging break.

Blogging takes so. much. time.
Not just posting, but reading and commenting on other's blogs, which I feel obligated to do.  Not that I don't love your blogs.  I really enjoy reading them.  But I can't spend hours a day reading other people's blogs anymore.  I just can't.

My kids need me, and I need them.  I don't want to look back and regret not spending more time with my kids.  Spending all my time on the computer is not what I call great mothering.

I really want to keep this blog up, but I don't want it to turn into something I have to do.  I want it to be something I want to do.  So I will blog as I have time to do so.

Love you all!
But I need to spend this precious time with my precious kiddos!

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