Oct 21, 2011

{Bat Garland}

Oh my goodness!  I have been MIA!  So sorry!
I've been SO busy with church responsibilities, planning and getting ready a Halloween party this weekend {I'll post pics of all the fun food and decorations my friend, Brooke, and I have been working on} and I started working part-time {on top of the voice lessons that I teach}.  So, yeah, I've been busy!

Remember that I did a Blog Swap last week with Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs?

I thought I'd re-post my thrifty Halloween project that I shared, just in case you missed it.  'Cuz I'm cool like that.

Now, you all know that I am all about thrifty decorating.  My husband is in school so I have to be thrifty.  But it helps me to be creative!

I was at Joanne's the other day and saw some glittery foam bats.  They were really cute and I knew I could do something with them.  And with a 40% off coupon, they were around $1.50.  Score!
I wanted a fun garland and decided the foam bats would be perfect!
I started out by punching holes in the ends of the wings with a paper hole punch:

I got some twine and strung it through the holes:

And then hung up my bat garland!

Isn't it cute?
You could even glue some red rhinestones on for the eyes to add some extra spookiness :)

I don't have a mantle since we live in an apartment so I usually hang my garlands on this mirror I have above my piano.

So simple, easy and thrifty!!!  That is my kind of project.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Oct 12, 2011

Decorating Solution!

A couple of months ago, I thought it would be SO cute to put some Candy Corn in a hurricane w/ a candle!  And I thought I was SO smart coming up with that idea . . . and about a week after I "came up" with the idea, I started seeing these Candy Corn/hurricanes pop up all over blogland and Pinterest.

Guess I wasn't as original as I thought!!!  Great minds think alike, right?  And there are lots of ladies out there with great minds :)

Anyways, so I made my little Candy Cane/Hurricane display, put a plain white candle in it and decided it needed a little more "oomph".

 {See?  So plain}

So here's what I did.
I took some twine.  I LOVE twine.
And I put a little dab of hot glue on the back of the candle and stuck the end of the twine to it:

Then I wrapped to my little hearts content!
And here's what I ended up with:

SO easy!!!  I put another little dab of glue to stick the other end of the twine to the candle.

I love it when that "oomph" that you need is so easy!

And I love the color that this super easy, super cheap Fall/Halloween decoration adds to my home.

This is the "before my Halloween decorations are out" photo:

And the "after my Halloween decorations are out" photo:

PS - like the Halloween printable?  You can get yours HERE!

PPS - new here?  I'd love it if you followed along!  Don't forget to say hi, though :)

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Oct 10, 2011

Blog Swap with Through the Eyes of the Mrs!

Hey everyone! Today I'm doing a blog swap with Through the Eyes of the Mrs! So exciting :) Give her some bloggy love! And stop by her blog to see my super easy, super cute project! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Hey There Everyone!
I'm Beth from over at

So do you want to know more about me?
I'm a Momma to three, Wife, Thrifter, Lover of Peach Roses,
Animals, Hot Baths, Comfort Foods, & all things Handmade.
You can read me about me Here!
I spend my days Cooking, Cleaning, Blogging, Breaking up Arguments,
 Responding to Emails, Crafting, and end my days with my supportive husband.
I'm working on opening my own Etsy shop this spring.
You will see things like this...

Today though I have a Simple Fall Tutorial for you.
Halloween Tree

It's super simple and I love the orange lights this time of year.
It's perfect for indoors or outdoors.

Leaf Garland
Orange Lights
Grapevine Tree

It's pretty self explanatory right?
String your lights & then your garland.
Plug in and enjoy!

You will find Parenthood, Thrifting Tips, & More.
Stop by and check out this craft.

Thank You so much Michelle for having me.
Make sure you stop by my blog & show her some love!


Thanks Beth!  I LOVE quick and easy projects!  Make sure to stop by her blog and say hi :)

Oct 3, 2011

Cookie Cutter French Toast

French Toast is a favorite at our house for breakfast.
Seriously, why is French Toast so good?

And my kids love helping with anything in the kitchen.  Usually it's stirring the egg mixture for the French Toast {yes, I'm capitalizing the first letters in those words.  Because French Toast deserves it.  Because it's that good}.
So I thought it would be fun to let my kids cut shapes out of the bread first {who likes the crust anyways?  My kids don't!}.  And since it's fall and Halloween is right around the corner, we used our Halloween cookie cutters!

First make your egg mixture.  Here's how I make mine - it's super yummy:
Michelle's Perfect French Toast
2 eggs
Splash of milk (probably 2 Tablespoons-ish)
1/4 tsp cinnamon (I'm totally guesstimating that.  Just sprinkle it in until it looks like the amount you'd like)
Dash of nutmeg (around 1/8 tsp.  Again, guesstimating here)
1 tsp vanilla
4-6 slices of bread

Whisk all ingredients together in a shallow dish {I usually use a pie dish}.  Like I said, my kids love helping on this part.  Any kind of stirring is so exciting to them :)  Sometimes I'll add an extra egg and a little more milk if I run out of my egg mixture before I'm out of bread.  Just depends on the day and how many pieces of French Toast we want to eat.
Dip your bread in the mixture and turn so each side is submerged.  Then your bread is ready for the griddle!

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  You need to cut out your shapes first!  We had a cat, pumpkin, witch and bat.  All perfect for Halloween!  And, of course, the kids love this part, too!

Time to grill to perfection on your griddle {or fry pan, whatever you use}.

And this is the result you will get:

You can't beat that - a smiling face on a Saturday morning!

What things do you do to incorporate the holidays into your everyday routine?

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