Feb 29, 2012

New FB Page!

Hello?  Is anyone out there?
Don't worry, I'm still alive, just busy as can be!
I haven't been crafting.
I haven't been taking pictures.
I haven't been blogging.

But I HAVE been busy!  Being a mom, a Scentsy Consultant, a voice teacher and involved in my church has kept me busy as a bee.

I have a new Facebook page, too!
Do you like Scentsy?
Do you even know what Scentsy is?
If not, you need to find out, like, now.
You can read about it in THIS POST.
I LOVE Scentsy (hopefully, since I sell it, right?!).

Do me a favor?
Go to my Scentsy Facebook page and click "Like".
As soon as I reach 50 followers, I'll do a giveaway on FB.
When I reach 100 followers, I'll do an even bigger giveaway on FB!

And today is the last day to get 10% off of your Scentsy order!
Plus, today is the last day to stock up on your Fall/Winter favorites - they will be discontinued as of tomorrow (you can see all of the discontinued scents on my Scentsy FB page).
So head over to my Scentsy website to place your order!

Hope you are all having a fabulous February (and Leap Day!)
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