Apr 22, 2011

Easter Printable {Part 2}

I know, I know, Easter is tomorrow . . .
BUT, I have another wonderful printable that I wanted to share.  
I will actually have this up in my house even after Easter, but it was inspired by the Easter holiday, so I am calling it an Easter printable :)

Feel free to download it {would love it if you became a follower, too!} and use it, even after Easter, like me!

I also made it in Yellow:


and Green:

Enjoy and have a GREAT weekend!!!

Apr 19, 2011

Thrift Store Dessert Stand

Remember the plate and vase from my "Why I Love the Thrift Store" post?
Those are what make my Thrift Store Dessert Stand!

I've seen versions of these dessert stands all over blogland and I decided that I NEEDED one.  So off to the thrift store I went.  It actually took me a couple of times at the thrift store before I found what I wanted, but find it I did!

I was originally looking for a candlestick for the bottom, but when I saw this vase, I loved the texture on it and knew that I wanted to use it for the base of my dessert stand.

So I started with my glass plate and my vase:

I added a little spray paint to the outside of the vase and the underside of the plate.  I didn't spray paint the whole plate because I wanted to be able to see the details on the top.

After the paint dried, I glued the two together using some E6000.
Love that stuff.

I let it sit overnight to make sure the glue was set before I used it.
There was a little glue/paint reaction/incident.  Since I didn't paint the top of my plate, you can see what happened:

I'm not too worried about it because I figure food will be on top of it when I use it, covering the little reaction :)

Did any of you notice that this is what I used in my "Better Than Rice Krispy Treats" post?  I kinda snuck it in there.  Hee hee hee!

There you have it!  Your dessert stand is ready to display some yummiful desserts!  {Yeah, I just made that word up.  I do that a lot :) }

You can see the details on the plate in the pic below.  I would have lost those details if I would have painted the top.

I'm really happy with how my Thrift Store Dessert Stand turned out!

Plus it cost me about $1.75 to make.
Love. It.
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Apr 15, 2011

Better Than Rice Krispy Treats - Peanut Butter Style

These treats were a wonderful mistake!!!
I was making Rice Krispy Treats and decided to use a little peanut butter.  'Cuz at my house, treats are just better with a little PB.
I reached into my pantry for the Rice Krispies and they were almost gone.  What to do, what to do.
Not to worry, I had a whole box of Corn Chex.
I used those instead and, let me tell you, these treats did not disappoint!

So here's the recipe . . . I know you're dying to make some right. now.

{Better Than Rice Krispy Treats}

1 stick butter
3/4 c peanut butter {I didn't say these were healthy . . .}
1 bag marshmallows
5 or 6 cups Corn Chex
1/2 cup chocolate chips, melted

I always make my Rice Krispy Treats on the stove.  But if you do yours in the microwave, that's cool, too.  We can still be friends :)
Melt your butter and peanut butter over medium heat.  Add your marshmallows and melt those all the way, too.  No lumps, please.

Remove from heat and add your Corn Chex.  I didn't measure mine, but if you go for 5 or 6 cups, that will maybe be enough, depending on how gooey you want them.  If you want a little more, just pour a little more!  Really, these are hard to mess up.

Then, in a greased jelly roll pan, pour your mixture and press into the pan.  Mine didn't fill the whole pan, which means yours probably won't either.  That's okay.  Promise.

{TIP}:  Get your hands wet, then press it into the pan.  It totally works!  I do this with Rice Krispy Treats, too.  The marshmallowy stuff won't stick to your hands and you can press to your little heart's content.

You will now have this deliciousness:

Now you can add the melted chocolate chips.  Just melt in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds until all the chocolate chips are melted.  Drizzle with a spoon over the entire pan of gooey goodness, er, cereal mixture. 

Just like Rice Krispy Treats, let the mixture cool before cutting.

And yummy-yum-yum, you have yourself a super delicious treat!!!
But beware, I'm pretty sure you will eat four more than one, like me.

Just thought I'd let you drool over a few more pictures.

Now what are you waiting for?
Go make some for yourself!

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